Hai Zhive Ukraina!

Hai Zhive Ukraina!

Long live Ukraine!  (I believe it’s considered pc to omit the word “the” nowadays.)  (Going off at as tangent, whatever happened to 80’s band, The The?)  Too much parenthesised text.  I digress.

Germany has Die Popolskis.  England has The Ukrainians.

So, The Ukrainians.  Who are they?

1. The nationals of the ex-Soviet Republic, nicknamed khokhly in Russian.

2. A British “successor” group to the indie band, The Wedding Present.

It all started with the John Peel’s Sessions, well over 20 years ago.  Are The Ukrainians analagous to any other groups?  Difficult one.  If one were to define them as a folk-rock group, one could argue that they are similar to Steeleye Span (of All Around My Hat and Gaudete fame).  The group perform Ukrainian folks song in a pop/rock style.  Maybe that’s the closest description you’ll get from me, but there again, I’m not a pretentious rock journalist.  Well, I’m not a rock journalist.  Pretentious?  Moi? 😉

My exposure to The Ukrainians began in 1993, when I heard a couple of tracks that an university friend of mine played on his tape recorder.  (Davnye chasy indeed!)  Very kindly, when Richy came back from his year abroad in Russia, he burnt a copy of their first album for me.  Actually this was in the days before burning CD’s.  He copied a tape for me.  Ever since, I’ve been a fan of The Ukrainians.

They are still going strong, and have been performing in Poland, Latvia and elsewhere.  Some great albums.  Come pay day I will be buying one of them, namely: http://www.the-ukrainians.com/ourshop/prod_2616679-20-Years.html

The other great thing: some of the band are from Yorkshire, God’s Country.


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