Hack Topics

To quote from http://www.helpingyouharmonise.com/hack

So, ‘hack’ is the phrase used in stand-up comedy for material on themes that are over-used. It is an insult that includes both lack of creativity (you couldn’t think of anything original to say) and laziness (you came up with the most obvious joke, then stopped working). The term is… as tired and clichéd, but there is a specificity to its usage in comedy…

Eg, why do men always leave the toilet seat up?  Aren’t cats weird, etc? You get the idea.  It’s lazy, indolent, unimaginative comedy.

Then there is hack journalism, which is perhaps more prevalent among local and regional newspapers than among nationals.  Old chestnuts tend to be “heart-warmer” stories, such as fund-raising events for a terminally-ill child to head off to Disneyland or Disneyworld, or variants thereof.  My aim is by no means to belittle the desperation of my fellow human beings, but are these stories of:

  • People sitting for an hour in bathtub full of cold spaghetti
  • RAF officers tugging a jet fighter along the A1 using a rope
  • Women getting their heads shaved for “charidee”
  • etc etc etc

really news?

Why not just have a page or two in the paper for charity appeals, full stop?  Me, if I am going to donate, if I think your cause is worthy, I’ll do so regardless of whatever stunt you take part in, whether daubing Marmite over your whole body, playing a flute through your nose, etc etc.

Am I being uncharitable?


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