Too Much Love Will Kill You


Queen sang Too Much Love Will Kill You. Maybe that ain’t necessarily so, but certainly too much agape can be not very good for physical or mental health After the evening spent with suicidal Simon, a pressured week, not knowing if my contract at work would be renewed at work (it was – thank you Lord for prayers answered), I instincively knew my body and soul needed more than lisinopril and amlopodine to bring my stress levels and blood pressure down.

An excellent house group session on Wednesday. Thank you, H and co, for your men’s prayers. But today I decided to absent myself from church. Sometimes I lose worship and prayer time when running around, photocopying, sidesmanning, etc, etc, and needed time to be far from the madding crowd.

Lord, please forgive my absence from the stadium, and bless me and those I am with this weekend.



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