Freundeskreis is a slot on Saturday mornings on 1Live radio station in Germany.  It’s curiously addictive.  In short, it’s a telephone dating service on live radio.  I like to guess the names and towns of the “contestants.”

Sigrid from Gelsenkirchen, Tom from Ratingen.  Week in, week out, the same questions.

Are you tattooed?  


What you look like?


Do you, Sigrid, want to meet Tom for dinner?


Do you, Tom, want to meet Sigrid for dinner?


In fact, they are both tattooed, with a big W on each buttock, and he is indeed sporty-looking, namely like a sumo wrestler.  Even if they think the other is not worth inviting back for a second interview, to use career talk, well, at least they’ve had a good meal courtesy of 1Live.;jsessionid=85DD236ABC9A9F5C4C8604D1455AB216


4 thoughts on “Freundeskreis

  1. Ich liebe Freundeskreis 🙂

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