More (Fish) Tails from the Dales

Herr Cuts is a keen angler on his days off, but also fond of regaling stories of large catches.  Here’s a conversation from a few years ago between Victor and Herr Cuts.

Victor: I went fishing for the first time ever the other day, and I caught something.

Herr Cuts (smirking): “Oh really?”

Victor: “Yes, it was a candelabra”

Herr Cuts (smirking again): “Oh really?”

Victor: “it even had candles on, and when I pulled the candelabra out, the candles were still lit.”

Herr Cuts (smirking even more): “Oh really?”

Victor: “Well, if you halve your catch, and I’ll blow my candles out.”


2 thoughts on “More (Fish) Tails from the Dales

  1. Solche Anglerwitze sind, glaube ich, universell!
    Aber die Briten haben Kerzenleuchter 😉

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