… For Dummies

... For Dummies

I’ve always been a book lover ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

For well over a decade I’ve been a fan of the Dummies series of books. A huge series, everything from Bee-Keeping to, well, lots of topics. Hopefully there will soon be a Stand-Up Comedy for Dummies. Watch this space…

One cultural point to note: the Brits and Americans do self-effacing humour: “I’m really nor very good at this, you know.” Hence Brits will readily buy, give and read a copy of Career Change and Job-Hunting for Dummies, which IMHO is *the* must-have for recent graduates and those leaving HM Forces. Germans, however, seem less keen on career books with Dummies in the title. Perhaps it shows the German dislike of false modesty? Perhaps the Dummies series in German should be translated as “for Those Who Want to Be Experts”?

Just a thought… (Think of the Rolls-Royce Silver Mist.)


2 thoughts on “… For Dummies

  1. I can never ever get enough of these books.

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