Germany and Diaries

Don’t worry.  This is not N24, reviewing Anne Frank and the Hitler Diaries.

So, here we go.  Every few years since I was eleven, I’ve harboured a desire to keep a diary.  Generally, I’ve managed a month or so, and then it’s petered out.  (2004 was a vintage year.  I did a full page of A5 for every day, save March when I was away for much of the month.)  I’ve been thinking this week about keeping a diary (the analogue version of a blog).  Yesterday evening, a sortie into Mayersche book shop (the German equivalent of Waterstones in the UK).

Somewhat disappointing experience.  Here’s my spec:

  • A4
  • Page per day
  • Not too expensive
  • I’m metrosexual, but I want something reasonable businesslike and masculine

What did I find?

  • Some A4, but mainly A3
  • Week per view mainly
  • But pricey – €30+ for a Moleskine A4 diary
  • Most of the diaries are aimed at the female market, as they had some beautifully covered diaries, but not what could be described to me as “soooooooo you”

My favourite was the Moleskine diary, attractively crafted and ideal for fountain pen and for keeping and looking at years later.  But I cannot justify that price this year.  Methinks the ultimate option may be or a trip to Karstadt or Galeria Kaufhof.  Maybe Ted to cheaper A4 diaries.  I shall keep ’em peeled.


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