Performing Live Comedy: Some Thoughts

Performing Live Comedy: Some Thoughts

Always good to have a book that you just can’t put down.  Performing Live Comedy by Dr Chris Ritchie is just one of those.  The last book I had that was like that was Tom Bowyer’s biography of Robert Maxwell back in 1992 (pre-Amazon, pre-mp3 player days, prehistoric).

So, what makes Performing Live Comedy (hereinafter called PLC) such a good book?  My aim in ordering the book was to have an easily-digestible “how-to” book.  (I’ve just checked, and there is not yet a Performing Stand-Up Comedy for Dummies out there.  Yet.  Maybe I should suggest it to Dummies and see what they say?)  PLC ticks all the boxes and in a very workmanlike helps you prepare to perform live stand-up comedy, everything including:

  • How to start
  • Creating a kind of persona/image
  • Empathy with the audience
  • Creating a rapport with the audience
  • Using the microphone (something that occurred to me today will reading the lesson at church – Acts 9:1-22, in case you were wondering)
  • Various isms and types

As well as being a very interesting and cogent how-to guide on how to do stand-up, ideal for the would-be Jimmy Carr/Henning Wehn, etc, it’s also a very interesting book for those who have no intention of doing stand-up, but are interested in the history of comedy and the processes and “mechanics” of comedy.

So, end of blogging and back to my book.

Good night and God bless!


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