Flabby Faith

So flabby faith.  Every now and again I have points in my life when I think, “Does God exist?  Christianity – is it one big hyped-up con trick?  Am I good enough to call myself a Christian?”  (Maybe all those “Proud to be Atheist” posts on Facebook just drag you down?)  Sometimes I feel I may be veering off the right(eous) path in the way I live my life.  Lately I’ve felt my faith has been becoming a bit flabby.  Maybe it’s due in part to house group being on summer holidays until next Wednesday.  Maybe it’s due to wishing revenge on people who’s slighted me in the past.  So today after today’s service, I turned up to the Christianity Explored course.

Most impressive.  I’ve done Alpha before, both as “student” and as “staff.”  Enjoyed it, but needed something a bit more stretching.  This was good.  Felt more “toned-up” after a session of theological gymwork.  Looking forward to the next session.


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