The Battle of The Bulge

I know what you’re thinking.  Either:

He’s been watching those World War II programmes on N24 this past weekend yet again.


He’s got that Panzerlied earworm ringing in his head.

Wrong.  What I have in mind is one of the psyops tools used in my regular attempts to lose weight and get slimmer.  Does it work?  Well, it has in the past – for me.  The first three months in 2003, 12 (twelve) kg off in 3 months with no cravings, special rituals or the like.  Instead just a peaceful feeling after listening to a 22-minute track at bedtime or after Sunday lunch.  This time I’m going to try it again a concerted fashion.

What have I got to lose?  Nothing but a few kilos with any luck.

Paul McKenna is the man!


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