Broken Britain

Broken Britain

So, quite a depressing article.  What has gone wrong with Britain?  Who is to blame?  Let’s list the usual suspects in no particular order.

  • Mrs Thatcher
  • The Guardianistas and associated pinkos
  • Britain’s class system
  • Single mothers
  • Europe
  • The Playstation Generation
  • Generation Y
  • Etc, etc

So, what is the cause of Britain and its social problems?

  • Neets (NEET: an under-25 Not in Education, Employment, Training)
  • Chavs (no real German equivalent, but ungefähr – “prolisch”)
  • One of the lowest proportions of single parents in work in the EU, and one of the highest proportions of children in single-parent households (source:
  • Generation after generation of British males who have never worked for a living

Is the answer “All of the above”?  To paraphrase Henning Wehn,

The British talk in code.  You say, ‘The working class,’ when you mean, ‘the unemployed.’

Many a true word said in jest, Herr Wehn…  So, what has gone wrong for the British working class?

  • Are white working class males literally less visible than BME (black and minority ethnic) people?
  • Are they less visible to the Guardianistas?  We can all be passionately ant-racist, but is being for Wayne and Waynetta’s social advancement quite as racy to the Guardian readers?  “I love West Indian cooking.  You must give me the recipe,” is probably a more fun conversation than mixing with the great unwashed from that council estate that we try to keep Miranda and Piers away from.
  • Are teachers’ aspirations and expectations for the youngsters under their charge really that high?  Do too many schools have a secondary modern ethos?  Give the oiks enough education so they can read and write to fill in housing benefit forms, and that’s probably the best we can do.  When I was at school in the mid-80’s in a bog-standard comprehensive, the careers lesson was typically a case of, stick on a video about joining the Army (not as an officer, as if you needed to be told). (“Don’t worry, girls.  Next week, there’ll be a video about office work.”)
  • Is the difference between private schools and the state sector more than just about money and class sizes?  Is the Weltanschauung of independent schools that of nurturing: “We are developing the future leaders of this country.”  Is the attitude of state schools that of pest control: “Working class kids are fundamentally a rabble.  They need to be controlled and made to do as they are told.  They are one big mass of proles (unlike our own offspring).”  (Proles: see George Orwell’s book, 1984.)
  • Are the British really that family-orientated, anyway?  Are kids a bit of a nuisance, if truth be known?  All that extra cost and hassle.  Finding a babysitter, having to interact while I want to watch Jeremy Kyle or knock back Lambrusco…

I despair.  I truly do.


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