The International English Library, Düsseldorf

So, I finally got into action stations and whizzed off on my mountain bike from work into DUS Altstadt to visit the International English Library.  A most impressive place.  Lots of books (surprise, surprise), albeit slightly yellow and brown, as it is pretty much volunteer-run.  Also:

  • Audio books for hire
  • Shelves of DVD’s, including foreign-language films (careful now, I, too, was a teenager in the 80’s, and I know you are thinking of those Channel 4 late night foreign-language films…)
  • British TV series, including Rev
  • English-language newspapers and magazines, such as The Sunday Times, Time
  • Much, much more

It even has tea bags and TV/DVD players, so you can sup (English slang for “trinken”) a cup of PG Tips while watching your favourite BBC period drama.

Well worth a visit.  One of DUS’ lesser-known gems, and well worth the annual subscription.

Interesting fact: 43% of the library members are German.  Good to see there are so many Anglophiles in DUS.

Now for a little music.


2 thoughts on “The International English Library, Düsseldorf

  1. So, so da gibt es Bücher. Surprise, surprise 😉

  2. Echt. Ich war ganz erstaunt. 🙂

    Next revelations:

    The Pope is Catholic.
    Bear sha-la-la in the woods.

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