Not just shopping…

All in all a most satisfactory day, albeit slightly marred by waking up a bit early and having to leave the lovely Essen lady.  Weekends are but too short.  Naja…

So, my plan had been to finally attend a German Evangelische Kirche service, part of soaking in the whole German experience.  Yet again, foiled.  Green Leader, my friend from Zimbabwe, told me this morning there was to be a talk at Christ Church Duesseldorf all about the situation in Zimbabwe.  I turned up at CCD.  It was a communion service.  Superb sermon on Titus Chapter 2, very thought-provoking.  Good turnout too.  Nice cakes after service, too. Always a bonus.  But no show from the speaker.  Never mind.

So, then onto curry house with H.  Great food, great company.  Such an inspiring bloke, great sounding board and all-round great witness for Christianity.  Then Hbf, dm, for a British-style shopping experience.  Most German shops are no-nonsense, pile it high, sell it cheap, no frills.  But dm is properly-lit, with bright packing, wide aisles, and their Hbf branch is open Sunday.  I now have plenty of cleaning material to give my bachelor pad a good cleanse from top to bottom, and the cleaning has started this evening.  Stage 1 will be complete tonight, stage 2 tomorrow evening.   Dusting will be the final task for tomorrow.

Home, unpacked.  Blast of hypno.  Paul McKenna on the Kindle… 299, 298, 297…  We’re gone.  Now for some TV time.


2 thoughts on “Not just shopping…

  1. Ja, die Wochenenden sind immer so schnell rum :-(. Schon ist wieder der Abend vor Montag…

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