A Day of Two Halves

To use a footballing analogy, it was a day of two halves.  A very upsetting email from someone I thought was a friend and confidante.  No need to go into detail.  I don’t want to wash my linen in public.  Suffice it to say, I have ceased contact with that person.  No email ping-pong.  Endex.  Punkt.

So tonight I came home, saddened about how people can turn so rapidly.  Then I realise there is balance in the world.  I opened my letterbox.  A proper, real letter, not junk mail, bank statement or snottogram from the credit card people.  It was from Miss N, now Mrs M, my ex-form tutor from 31 years ago.  She had actually replied to a letter I had written to her some two or three weeks before.

Lovely to hear from you, Miss, absolutely lovely.  You have restored my faith in humanity.


2 thoughts on “A Day of Two Halves

  1. Geht irgendwo eine Tür zu, geht dann eine Tür auf.Oder so ähnlich 🙂

  2. One door closes, another door opens. 🙂

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