Well, I did buy that book on creative writing a few years ago…

So, ladies and gentlemen, Ginge here.  OK, so for those of you who have worked in G2, here are the Big Six:

Number: Mobile or landline?

Rank: LCpl (well, I served Queen and Country on weekends and a fortnight a year a few years ago and reached those dizzy heights.)

Name: Ginge (Hey, I need a bit of anonymity about me, else I’d just be writing status updates on Facebook.)

Blood group: A+ ( I think)

Religion: Practising Anglican (one day I’ll get it right)

Date of birth: 6 October, and I’m not saying which year.

Oh, and I’m male and a redhead.

So, what are my interests?  Quite diverse:

Comedy (the darker, the better)

Long live Henning Wehn, long live the BBC Radio Tees headline challenge, long live Soviet and DDR jokes, long live those who make prank calls to TV and radio stations.

Ostalgie, borders, tripoints.  All due to my years as a pads’ brat.  Geographically I’m into islands, being from one.  One day I’d like to visit Heligoland (Why?  Because it’s there.)  As a linguist (Russian to degree level, fluent German, rusty Serbian and Croatian and night school Italian), I’m into foreign lands and travel.  One day I will go back to Russia.  One day I will travel the Trans-Siberian.  One day…

I have my opinions, I am opinionated, on education theory, having benefited from the worst and the best of the English education system.  I won’t tolerate people who open their mouths without having checked their facts.  Argue anything you like, as like as you’ve checked your facts, eg check the Hoax-Slayer website.  I also avoid narrow-minded prejudiced individuals, so if you rant on about how IYFEGians are scum, keep away from me.

I love cycling, but I am not a fitness fanatic.  I love the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Moors.  One day I’d love to do a spot of stand-up comedy or maybe some comedy writing.  Like Henning Wehn, I find the difference between the Brits and the Germans great comedy material.

“Sorry, excuse me, please!” translates into German as, “Fahr doch, du Penner!”

I love my radio, my Kindle and my mp3 player.  You cannot beat Radio 4, Radio 5, The World Tonight, The Shipping Forecast and Farming Today.  Oh yes, there’s BBC Radio Tees, who like to read out emails from my Kindle while I’m lying in bed enjoying their weekend programmes.

Ramblings over.  Mach’s gut!



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